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ART for a BETTER PLANET is my commitment to using my creative energy and artistic expression in a way that contributes to:

  • Creating Community


  • Guiding people to go deeper within themselves


  • Bringing greater understanding to causes for social justice, religious tolerance and environmental concerns


My vehicles for this include:


  • My personal artwork, including mixed media painting and paper arts


  • Documentary filmmaking through Heart on Fire Productions


  • Teaching workshops and retreats


  • Creating and leading group experiences










About Me

 I am an artist, activist, filmmaker, workshop facilitator and expressive arts consultant educator, living in Mount Holly, NC.  I have had the great benefit of working with extraordinary teachers and mentors. Currently, I am a student at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies working on a certificate in Documentary Studies.  I work in a number of art forms including mixed media painting, paper arts, and documentary filmmaking.


My paintings and mandalas symbolically represent the basic human need to connect; to oneself, to others, to the environment and to something greater.  I combine my 30 years of experience and knowledge in healing arts with my artwork to create workshops and retreats that gently guide people deeper into themselves emotionally, spiritually and creatively.


I weave my artwork, music, poetry, movement, ritual and self discovery into experiences that are works of art in themselves. I particularly enjoy leading groups through an experience that brings the individuals and the group into a larger sense of connection. 


I have taught and led experiences in North Carolina, South Carolina and Mexico. My work can be seen in private collections and has been shown at Stillwater Studios, Phoenix Rising, The Charlotte Art League, The Esalan Institute in California and the soon to be published book, "Meditations and Mandalas".

Samantha Jonson 


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