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Building a Container for Your Storyy


I first started creating StoryBowls™ out of a desire to tell my story in a way that I could hold. I found a way to create a form I could hold that could hold my story. I soon found that people were drawn to these objects and found joy in creating them.


Why Story? When we tell our stories we create the possibility of connecting more deeply to ourselves, others and spirit. The telling of our stories builds compassion and healing.


Why Bowls? Bowls are an ancient form to which we all relate. They are forms we have seen all of our lives. They hold and contain nourishment. They nest inside each other. Our bodies contain bowl structures. They are familiar, comforting vessels.


We will spend 2 days together exploring 6 different aspects of our own stories. After journaling, you will use your written story to create a StoryBowl™ for each aspect. Each story will nest into the previous story until you have a set of bowls that hold YOU!






              AUSTIN, TEXAS

When:  Sept. 24-25, 2016

Where:  Seton Cove

For complete details and registration:

             ASHEVILLE, NC                                              

When: Oct 22 - 23, 2016                                      

            Sat. 9:30am - 5:00pm

            Sun. 10:00am - 4:00pm                                                                                 

Where: Roots and Wings Arts                               573 Fairview Drive       

Early Bird Reg: on or before 10/1/16


 After 10/1 :  $185.00 (reg. cutoff 10/12)    

 No refund after 10/15/15 


             All materials included                                                                 


TO REGISTER:   go to SHOP button 


Create Your Own Video Using Your Photo Treasures



Always wanted to make a video out of your photos? Never thought you could do it? You can!!


Come and learn to make a beautiful video out of your treasured photos. Bring your old photos, your newer digital photos, your Mac Computer, your open mind and we will create lasting video memories. These are wonderful gifts to share and keepsakes for you!


This is especially designed for people who aren't "techies".  Your video will be complete with music, titles, transitions and whatever your creative spirit comes up with!


All you need is a Mac Computer with iPhoto and IMovie and your photos. Remember these can be hard copies of old photos and/or digital photos.


You will have fun in a relaxed environment and leave with something you will love.  You family and friends will think you are amazing!!























The mandala is a sacred image found in all traditions.  Working with the mandala can lead one into a greater connection with self, spirit and community.  


In this workshop you will be creating a personal Mandala. We will be exploring the Mandala, its history and uses.  As a group we will create ritual, look at symbols and use visualization/meditation experiences to inspire each participant to create his/her own special Mandala.  We will be painting with acrylic paint on canvas.  No experience or talent necessary!  You will be amazed at what your spirit can create!




"The workshops I have attended with Dana have been so powerful.  To create beauty and then watch how it connects to your life is a wonderful experience. Dana supports the group in a very gentle yet solid way thru the process."


"I was reluctant to take 3 whole days to do this and at the end I wanted much more time!"


Scheduled Workshops !  TBA








"I love the visual weaving of the story, my story - parts making a whole. I feel I have a deeper acceptance of all that makes me who I am and a sense of connectedness to the whole."


"You create a safe space with your whole being - not just what you say/do but who you are."


"I love that I have my gorgeous bowls to remind me of the powerful journaling and time spent with such an amazing group of heart -centered women!"

Become a StoryBowls™ facilitator and join the StoryBowl™ community!  Email Dana at to be added to mailing list for more information!

             CHARLOTTE, NC                                              

When: Nov 5 - 6, 2016                                      

            Sat. 9:30am - 5:00pm

            Sun. 10:00am - 4:00pm                                                                                 

Where: Elemental Healing                                       5200 Park Road

Early Bird Reg: on or before 10/1/16


 After 10/1 :  $185.00    


             All materials included                                                                 


TO REGISTER:   go to SHOP button 

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